Sellers & buyers

Sellers & Buyers

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seller is an individual or entity who exchanges any good or service in return for payment. That is to say, you sell merchandise for us in your store or boutique.

How does it work

1. You identify products from our catalog that might interest you and communicate with us.

2. Then we see to it that your store is viable and our merchandise can be sold in. Once that has been taken care of, we sign a contract and send items we agreed on your way so you can start selling for us.

3. Make space for the products so we can start the display, totally up to you though on how you will be displaying them, but we can suggest.

4. We can always help get traffic your way and provide you with materials you might need. e.g flyers, posters

How do i get paid?

You get 10%-12% of the total sale. You keep your 10% then give us 90% each 2 weeks or month.


buyer's primary responsibility is obtaining the highest quality goods at the lowest cost. Just like the distributors, we help you get to what you need and give you a bulk pricing so you can sell in your store. For buyers it works just like a distributors system (see Distributors page above)

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